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This page is for enquiries about starting brand new Barkwalk UK events. Please read the information below and complete the form at the right of the page.

Barkwalk UK

Our goal is for there to be a Barkwalk everywhere in the UK where someone would like one!


We’re not so interested in our events being large. Instead our vision is to have lots of small events across many small communities, each providing a free-to-attend opportunity for people to regularly walk their dogs on-lead in the company of others.  The most important thing about our events is that they offer a controlled and safe environment for our canines to have a really positive socialisation experience.  Barkwalks are therefore strictly on-lead events only.


Setting up an event – things to think about

The key to starting a Barkwalk is to find the right person to lead that event as a local volunteer, to champion its benefits to their local dog owning community, rasie awareness and to slowly but surely build a strong volunteer team to deliver the event going forwards.


We will support that person and their team through help from Barkwalk HQ, our website and IT support systems. However it’s important to remember that each of our events must be driven by a core team of committed and passionate Barkwalk volunteers.


The Barkwalk UK website and initiative is owned and operated by Grafham Water Canines.  We don't have a team, it's just me and my dogs wanting to make a difference.  It is a not-for-profit venture and I give lots of my own time to running our local walks in Cambridgeshire, making Barkwalk products in the evenings and developing and maintaining the Barkwalk website and IT support systems.


My own dogs, have given me so much and completely changed my life for the better.  For me, Barkwalk is a way to give something back.  With modern lifestyles many owners find it difficult to give their dog enough social interaction with others.  I know just how hard it can be too when you have a reactive dog you are trying to help.


As a professional trainer I hear tales every day of peoples worries when out walking their dogs.  Many people either just aren't aware and/or sadly just don't care and will let their dogs off-lead without putting in the necessary training to ensure they are under control when off-lead.  I understand just how devasting it is to have setbacks with a dog because of someone elses carelessness in letting their own dog run up to your dog that's reactive or in training.


I also understand the other side of that coin where people are lucky enough to have a very friendly and socialable dog who just really likes to meet and play with other dogs.  You want to be able to  give your dog the freedom to run and play and to enjoy the countryside together and have a carefree walk. Who wouldn't?  My little cuddle bug Jim is one of these characters and I make sure he practices recall around distractions every single day!


My goals with Barkwalk then are to:

  • raise awareness and bring more understanding to dog owners everywhere about the need for off-lead control so that we can all understand both sides of the coin, feel safer, be responsible owners and enjoy our walks.
  • provide regular events where all our canines can enjoy much needed social interaction to help prevent reactivity developing in the first place in young and adolescent dogs either through fearfullness or frustration.
  • provide a well controlled, safe and supportive environment where people who are working with a reactive dog can make week on week progress towards helping their dog tolerate and in time enjoy and look forward to walking with other dogs. 
  • raise funds to help rehome and save the lives of stray and unwanted dogs.


Thanks for your time in reading this.  I'm particularly seeking support from commercial sponsors to finance the initiative and other trainers and behaviourists to organise Barkwalks in their areas.


If you’re interested in setting up a Barkwalk near you then brilliant! – please contact me via the form.





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