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letting dogs meet: the three second rule

Posted by Nicki on 23rd October 2018

Letting your dog take charge when meeting a new dog is a common cause of doggie greeting issues.  Here's a really nice article which explains how to introduce your dog properly to an unfamiliar dog.  Remember to keep your dog close and under full control and to always ask the other owner if their dog is friendly before you approach and observe the three second rule: "one alligator, two alligator, three and walk away!"

Understanding lead reactive dogs

Posted by Nicki on 30th September 2018

This is a sight for sore eyes to anyone who walks a reactive dog - not another dog and owner in view!


Here is a link to a good article I found which gives some insight into understanding dogs that are reactive on a lead, that's to say they will bark and lunge at other dogs that pass by. 


The author lists and explains the most common emotional causes (there are seven of them) that lead reactive dogs experience when they encounter another dog on the street. 


A point to keep in mind is that many dogs are reactive due to a combination of these causes rather than only one.  


Owning a lead reactive dog is full of exasperating moments but you can work your way through this behavior by focusing on training your dog and trying to understand the world through your dog’s point of view.


Finding a good professional trainer that can help you diagnose the problem and set up a training plan for you is the fastest way to start making progress.