Founder Barkwalkers

Who We Are

We are four unwanted strays that were lucky enough to find a forever home together!  We are best friends and we have all had life traumas in the past.  We are all, or rather have been, reactive dogs, that is to say our behaviour around new dogs we don't know and sometimes people as well has been a cause for concern. 


We know what it's like and we want to help as many other dogs as possible be healthier and happier like we are now .  We have founded Barkwalk UK to provide safe on-lead social walks for all types of barker and to raise funds to help rehome and save the lives of stray and unwanted dogs.  All funds raised go directly to the charity we fundrasie for: Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England.


We live and work in Cambridgeshire with our human Nicki who runs the Grafham Water Canines dog training centre. 


When we are not working and helping run the centre we like to go for long walks in the countryside and we also like to visit dog shows, especially agility shows where we can show off our skillz! 


Our favourite song is by the Barkstreet Boys: 

   Everybody, yeaaah

   Walk your barker, yeaaah


   Walk your barker right

   Barkers rule alright!

About Us

1 of 4 Joe.  Joe is a bull lurcher, he was adoped by Nicki when he was between 1-2 years old and has a shy and fearful nature that he tries very hard to hide.  Joe is very clever and athletic, he has won 17 UKA and KC Open agility and obedience classes and can turn his paws to anything.  He has been dock diving, unusually for a greyhound mix he loves to swim (in the summer!) and has even been to gun dog training!


2 of 4 Jim.  Jim is a collie x whippet boy and was under a year old when he found himself homeless poor lad.  He is very friendly by nature and gets very excited when he meets new people and new dogs.  This can make him bark and seem reactive but he really just wants to meet and be friends.  Jim is following in Joe's footsteps as far as agility goes and currently competes at KC Grade 6 clever lad.


3 of 4 Mia.  Mia is a very shy and quiet saluki greyhound and was about 3 years old when she found herself in rescue kennels.  Mia is really a princess and considers dogs that approach her and get in her face extremely rude.  She would bark in their face and sometimes panic.  Mia also enjoys a spot of agility but her main joy in life is running..., running really really fast!


4 of 4 Ash.  Ash is a stunning mixed breed doberman/collie/labrador and as you might guess is very high energy!  He came over from an irish rescue and was rehomed to a family but sadly came back to rescue after just a few months due to his behaviour around visitors and when out on walks.  He is only 2-3 years old and has spent a large part of his life in rescue kennels.  Happily that's all behind him now and he is one lovely boy!  Ash is currently doing his basic obedience training and is doing really well.