Barkwalk UK

For shy and fearful dogs

This is Joe & Mia, both super dogs that are naturally shy and untrusting of new dogs.  Both are rescues that have had life traumas. 


Barkwalk is a hugely beneficial opportunity for shy and fearful dogs to be in a very safe and controlled environment where they can get used to and enjoy being in the company of new dogs and people. 


The walk is strictly on-lead and designed to encourage positive canine socialisation where you and your dog can be safe, go at your own pace and make week on week progress towards reducing reactivity. 

for dogs with lots of energy

This is Ash, a doberman/collie/labrador mix and trust me he has bags of energy!  People often focus on giving their dog physical exercise but don’t realise how important mental stimulation is too. Have you ever taken your dog on a really long walk and they still come home and want to play? They may be physically tired after their walk but they also need to work their mind.


You will love how much energy will drain from your dog walking them in a new place where they can explore lots of new smells and spend time with other dogs. Keep their mind active and you are well on your way to having a well behaved dog!

for dogs who like making new friends

This is Jim, a really happy go lucky, friendly little cuddle bug who loves meeting new people and dogs. 


Walking as part of a social group gives dogs like Jim a lovely trip out where they can enjoy their favourite thing - going out for a walk with doggie friends! 


Going on an adventure to a new place is very exciting for dogs like Jim. Taking in a new environment stimulates their senses and helps to keep their brain busy.   


Plus it's just great fun taking your dog out and spending time with them!

Healthier happier dogs

BarkWalk is very simple, just turn up with your dog and walk!  You & your dog can volunteer with us to help run the walks too, there are various roles like Bark Leader and Tail Walker!  


The format for Barkwalk is simple, register once by clicking here and take part whenever you want.  The walk is completely free although we would love for you to show your appreciation of Barkwalk and make a contribution.  Donations can be made in person on the walk, via Justgiving by clicking on this link, by text message - just text: LABS07 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 and by becoming a BarkWalk UK Member.  Individual membership is just £3.25 per month or £35 annually - click here to show your support and join us!  Please note: you must be over 18 to join Barkwalk UK.  All donations and funds raised go directly to LRRSE and are used to rehome & save the lives of unwanted and stray dogs.  Remember: your donation will help save a dogs life.


Click here to see upcoming Barkwalk events.